My attempt to answer the question: Why did God create the universe?

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Before reading:

For some time now, this question has bewildered me: Why did God create the universe? The answer, “To worship Him,” did not satisfy my curiosity about God’s purpose in creation for His own sake and not for us.

Although I was happy and satisfied to have found this following answer when I was younger, I do not claim that it is the absolute truth or that it is sufficient. This question still concerns me today. I hope my love for rhythm is not heavy on the heart.

In the beginning there was God and no one else, with no entity adjacent to Him, and no proof required of Him. He was existence, and He alone enriched it, and there was nothing in existence other than Him. Then an “something” happened. God said “be”, and it was, and He wanted it to be good. He created existing beings, gave them essences, and spread them on the earth and the heavens. The onlookers wondered: “Why were we created?” .. He replied: “I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me.” He answered them with what they understood and what they were obligated to do. The purpose of creation for its own sake was hidden out of kindness, and thinkers wondered: God did not create the universe except for necessity. In existence, it is usury, which corresponds to it indefinitely, and repays it obligatorily. Both of them are conditions. There is no existence without a Creator, and there is no Lord without a worshiper.

They were right in their intellect and wrong in truth. They longed for God’s transcendence, and turned away from His lordship. They were obedient to the obligation of His justice, and wandered in the paths of His mercy. He set the universe apart from them?! Has the Lord decreed that He should leave them alone?!
And I say: Curiosity overwhelmed me, and to be honest, I asked for access, and beauty preoccupied me with acceptance.. And here is its detail:
God is only good in His being with justice and beauty. With His justice He created it, with His beauty He beautified it, and with His mercy He created it. He was not satisfied with his beauty for its own sake, and he was not satisfied with the absence of beauty. His hands formed a universe. Beauty is its highest law, and the display of beauty in it is its highest law. Ugliness was removed from it, and injustice was removed from it. So he did what he did… a dazzlement for the beholders and a pleasure for the contemplators.

It is justice and beauty that God does not keep His beauty for Himself. It is justice and beauty that He makes His creation witnesses to the beauty of His workmanship. It is justice and beauty that His worship is prescribed for us… not because He needs our worship when He is Rich, but it is justice and beauty that are written down upon Him and upon us and He is the Most High.

Here I realized one of the facets of beauty and its meaning, after I experienced the search for the purpose of its existence. Why is there beauty and no benefit from it? Why is existence beautiful and not just serve a purpose and play a role? Why was water made strangely soft and flowing when it could only serve the purpose of life without beauty surrounding it? Why was life made colorful and life was complete without colors? Why is the living world wired to display and compete in beauty?
I found beauty to be the highest logical value, the highest law of existence, and the pillar of creation of the universe. You see the lostness in everything else, and you see security within the borders of its paradise.

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